Kjell Nilsson

Extensive commercial photography experience, creative flair and wide ranging personal interests give Kjell Nilsson’s images extra character and depth - qualities that make a world of commercial difference.

Professional commercial photographer

Kjell Nilsson started his career as a photographer’s assistant in 1988 and completed his informal apprenticeship by contracting to 25 of LA’s top photographers – mostly graduates of the Brooks Arts Institute.  He learnt the art of car photography from Michael Freedman, fashion from Dean Collins, product from Axle Duler and so on.  

Kjell then went on to open his own LA studio.  Clients included international brands like Taco Bell, L’Oreal and Mitsubishi Electronics, as well as local California success stories like Arterial Vascular Engineering – the medical research company where Kjell used micro photography to capture fine 4mm long artierial vascular stent’s on film.

Photographer, family man, fun-seeker

Born in Sweden, Kjell spent two and a half years in the Swedish airforce training as an aircraft mechanic before moving to the United States and discovering photography as a profession, not just a passion.  Kjell is now settled in the Bay of Plenty with his wife and two kids.

When not in the studio or photographing on location, Kjell enjoys an eclectic range of interests.  He loves to get physical with sports like jet skiing, wakeboarding and weight training, and to exercise his creative side in film-making, music and, of course, photography.

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